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Wedding Videography in Singapore

Actual-Day Weddings | Pre Weddings | Proposals | Solemnisations


Planning for your big day sure is a hassle. With EK Videography, leave the creatives to us so you can focus on the bigger things when it comes to planning.


Having 6 years of experience in Wedding Videography in Singapore, we guarantee quality, professionalism and of course a duo of bubbly videographers down on site so that you NEVER feel awkward in front of the camera!

We also do Corporate Video Production under a separate brand (STOORY Pte. Ltd.)


We always work as a pair to ensure the best moments are caught in multiple angles quickly and effectively


We tailor our packages based on your schedule so you don't pay for unnecessary hours


We always adjust our prices based on the market to stay competitive in the Wedding Video industry


We are the funnest videographers you will ever meet so you won't ever feel awkward on camera!

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